“Huge shopping center with a great food court plus a 4d movie theater. U will find many renowned brands, restaurant, also a big thing you will notice some remote control car bikes for children's refreshments.”

Sudip Roy

“Spacious, excellent parking mechanism, plenty of varieties available to shop for. One of the best dine out food court and top of it the state of the art movie plex.”

Amit Kumar Sharma

“A good place for hangout. Good urban crowd. Eatery , movie theatre and place to shop. Above all shoppers stop for all needs. ”

Abhimanyu Singh

“The latest Mall in Kolkata. Asia Kitchen, Chilis are here for the foodies, along with a food court featuring Auntie Anny's Cinnabon (can only be found in this mall). Cinepolis is a great movie theatre for the movie lovers. It also has spencers for the light shoppers & big branded stores too.”

Arijit De

“Today visiting this place. Amazing ambience with great feelings.. Must come next time.”

Sonali Ghosal Mukherjee

“Over all this is a ideal mall around the area. But very expensive as the crowd you will find that belong to all class, but marketing & other activities mostly bounded among rich people. All the new age facilities you will find here.”

Ranjan Chakraborty

“Awesome Shopping Mall between Gariahat Market and Bijon Setu. It also has some offices at few of its floors :)”

Rohit Kapoor

“A very nice mall with some nice shopping complex. It is a very nice hangout place aslo. The mall is spacious and has a whole floor to sit and talk and enjoy varieties of food. There is a gaming zone also which has bowling, pool and so on. The designer collection of garments in shops is awesome.”

Arpan Ray

“The mall is one of the biggest malls in kolkata and it situated near my institute. So a good place for hangout”

Subhadip Ghosh

“New environment. Nice place. A great ambience ”

Sumitava Pachal

“Spacious, excellent parking mechanism, plenty of varieties available to shop[ for. One of the best dine out food court and top of it the state of the art movie plex.”

Amit Kumar Sharma

“A good shopping mall with cinepolus and foodcourt and resturants like asia kitchen chillies . You will love to visit .”

Saurav Sengupta

“Absolutely stunning use of space.”

Gerard Joseph

“Love the ambience of Acropolis, it's compact & well maintained. It's the right place to hangout & have a good time with friends if you are in the area. Also the presence of brands like Cinepolis, Spencer make it an attractive destination.”

Saswata Chakraborty

“Really cool place to hang out. The mall is very similar to Mani Square mall in terms of floor layout, food court style. Food court is bit small compared to the footfall it has now started to receive. if you don't want to shell out tons of money on 'fine-dining' restaurant then I would advise you to occupy seats before 7 pm. Only 2 elevators ferry visitors from B2 level to all floors. Only 2 lifts for a mall like Acropolis is way below par. I some times find it very hard to board the lift. Huge rush from b2 and b1 level. At least needed 4 elevators. Elevator and food court probably the only negative factor about the place. I should also mention about traffic. After you come out from mall, it would take at least 15 minutes to reach nearest signal crossing because of huge traffic and poor traffic management.”

Kausik Dutta

“A Beautiful mall in the heart of city. Great Ambiance. A shoppers Paradise For branded items. Great food joint. A perfect place for hangout.”

Paul Saumendu

“One of the greatest malls at south... Nice decorations, good architecture, shining furnishings, classy movie theater and one of best food courts,specially the drinks and DJ at the top floor... Pulls me to visit there more often...”

Himel Kumar

“Very spacious. Multiplex are good. Food court has varaties of options. Parking space and parking assistance are helpful. Shopping options are less compare to other malls at Kolkata City.”

Suman Dasgupta

“Its Very Cozy Kind Of Place. Everthing Is Available. Well Managed. Great food. ”

Rajeshwari Dey

“A good place for hanging out. Good Mall environment good Mall Service. Good connectivity from airport and other part of city.”


“Amazing amazing. A variety of brands for every kind of shopper. And the food court is great to. And the view you get from there is beautiful.”

Amrita Dutta

“One of the newer Malls that has come up in the city. The Food court have nice options. The Mall hosts good brands and a Big Bazaar store.”

Sayan Chatterjee

“I found the mall one of the finest in South Kolkata. Once fully developed it will challenge any other malls in Kolkata. The best part I liked is the architecture of the complex from outside and internal arrangements. Fantastic. ”

Sunil Das

“Probably the best mall in the city. Food court is awesome... But the collection isn't great. But still it's awesome”

Soumik Saha

“Nice ambience. Great for watching sports. One of the best food courts in the town. Good for dating as well as Hangouts.”

Aniruddha Adhikari

“The newest addition in malls. Quite a few popular brand stores are located here. Many good restaurants are available at the top floors. Also has a food court.”

Barsha Dey

“Great mall with nice space for shows. A mixture of shops and bars. The variety of food served at the food counter is good. Good place to hang out even outside the mall, you can sit and chat. A welcoming cool breeze blows all time.”

Farag Kureshi

“Beautiful mall.. Vehicals available for everyplace.. Big Cafet area with variety of food.. Movie hall.. All in one place..”

Swati Nandi

“Conveniently located for the poor souls of the college students nearby, Acropolis is a good place to hangout. The shops are never too crowded and their food court policy is very lenient. Cinepolis is an added bonus. Also now they have the added bonus of Spencer's.”

Sayari Sarkar

“Merlin Groups summarizes their achievement about this Mall: “Acropolis is one of the iconic masterpieces of the Merlin group, developed over an area od 800,000 sq ft…….it comprises of a 5 story floor Mall including a 5 floor mall including four screen Multiplex, Family Entertainment areas, Food court, Fine dine restaurants, office spaces, Executive club and some more.” I can only add that it has spacious, excellent parking facilities, for shopping plenty of varieties available. One of the best dine-out food court and top of it the state of the art movie-plex. Do drop in for business or pleasure and of course for shopping till you fall dead. ”

Gautam Banerjee

“A very new Big Mall formed here name Acropolis. The outer beauty is admirable and the need of this Mall is very purposeful. It is nearer to Siemens. ”

Hirak Chatterjee

“A fresh look to the city of Kolkata. Very convenient for people around Gariahat up till Ruby and surroundings. Equipped with Imax and lots of food joint.”

Sourav Ghosh

“Had dined at hoppipola. Loved their food and presentation. Beer was cheap but the cheese cake was not that creamy. Recently I dined at chili's here and the food is too good but the service at roof top is bit lousy. But u gotta taste their cheese cake its awesome.”

Sneha Das

“Good restaurants like Barcelos and Asia Kitchen, food court with variety of options. Clothing needs to be improved, overall a great choice.”

Soumya Subhra Biswas

“It is renowned mall near Ballygunge station & Ruby more. Here shopping centre, food court is situated. Mcdonald also has a shop here.”

Kalyan Biswas

“Probably the best mall in Kolkata after shutdown of South City. Here you can find good resturants like Chilis, Barcelos etc. The second outlet of Hoppipola is open here and its bigger than the one in Mani Square. the food court is also good and features 6 Ballygunge Place and Keventer. Shopping places starts from Mark & Spencers to UCB to Pantaloons and many more. They also have spencers for household goods. it is very close to Ruby and auto service is available from Ruby More. ”

Chandramouli Ghoshal

“Easy transport options to gariahat, Ruby and even dhakuria now by auto, has lot of stores with products on sale and eateries, inox has most of the latest movies up and running. ”

Soham Basu

“Very well laid out mall with some great brand stores and few more to be opened soon. The multiplex offers a fantastic movie experience. Food court is nice and neat though we hv not tried much of the food there. Ample parking, easy approach are added benefits. ”

Pravin Nahata

“Watched Spiderman homecoming. great sound quality. cozy. well connected. well decorated. Will visit again soon. ”


“Small but very convenient for all its in around area. It has got some really good place to hang out and eats such as hoppipola. Cinemax give you the choose entertainment with much economical ticket price.”

Hemantz Rai

“Its the best mall in Kolkata after Quest Mall. The cinema hall is amazing. It has all the best amenities. The residential complex is also amazing. We loved it.”

Parth Dharewal

“Good place to visit for weekends...good Elegance...nice food court n architecture of the mall is quite unique overall the mall is pretty good for a visit.”

Akash Das

“Cheaper movie tickets, good places to eat. Some places that are unique to the places. And yes only mall with a family rest room. ”

Ishita Chowdhury

“Great mall with nice space for shows. A mixture of shops and bars. The variety of food served at the food counter is good. Good place to hang out even outside the mall, you can sit and chat. A welcoming cool breeze blows all time. ”

Farag Kureshi

“The ambience of the place is very nice. Perfect place to hang out with family and friends. ”


“Absolutely great for entertainment, shopping or casual dine out. Cinepolis is cool and a couple of good restaurants here attract a trendy crowd. Variety of brands to shop from. ”

Biraj Ghosh

“Luxury mall....all the latest trending brands and the most highly rated restaurant. World class cinema experience as well as foodie paradise! ”

Sushmita Das

“Amazing place. Lot of brands to shop.i was lucky enough to grab some items in good discounts.tgere are many good restaurants also inside the mall which is even amazing!”

Pooja Doshi

“Nice mall within easy reach. On main road. Reasonable prices. ”

Debapriyaa Chakraborty

“This mall is pretty nd well maintained. Not that much crowd of people. Verious option of food In food court. ”

Max Prem

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